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Re: Community Fun: Overwatch Gamenight Sundays | Discord Ser

Postby Konanda » Jun 7th, 2016 @ 12:22pm

LiQuid wrote:What do you propose?

This isn't "my reform" it was an idea that was proposed and everybody except for 2 people were willing to try.

I don't propose anything because like Jenn I don't care what you do with the server, if I end up not liking it enough then I would just leave.

However, it seems some other people had ideas on how to change things, like kenzo has mentioned several times.

So yeah, for me and probably a lot of people it doesn't really matter what you do or don't do but for some people it seems it does and it appears you haven't really given them a chance to explore their solutions to this nebulous problem that keeps being talked about.

Also, what you described matches the definition of reform, I'm not sure why you find that to be a contentious word to describe it though.
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Re: Community Fun: Overwatch Gamenight Sundays | Discord Ser

Postby LiQuid » Jun 7th, 2016 @ 1:17pm

Sorry I meant that it wasn't mine. There were multiple people that were sick of the shitposting and anime in the general chat. I was just the only person with the power to facilitate change.

And I never heard any suggestions from people on a different/better way to do it. Just people dying on the hill, unwilling to even attempt change. I'm still open to suggestions if anybody has any.

The way I feel about the whole thing is that a dozen or people have "owned" this Discord server since it was created. It became a personal chat room for those of us and it became an insular, toxic and kinda shitty little micro-community that wasn't working as it was (or at least should have been) intended, which was to be a place for what was left of the Geekbox's floundering community to gather and play games. This was especially evident with the resurgence we had surrounding the Overwatch launch, which was going to be kind of a "new beginning" for us. But even up until that point it was basically a chat room for the Dota friends and people who hadn't gotten sick of us yet.

It wasn't an anime issue. It wasn't a kenzo issue. It was us being what darfox described as a "gg nest." Lots of garbage from social media, lots of of 4chan and tumblr posts, etc. I was guilty of this too. I get vocal about dumb SJW issues and shit too that spammed up the general chat, but those hot takes, regardless of what side of them you're on, are just kind of shitty, toxic mini-events that aren't conducive to what should be a light-hearted, small gaming community of people, some of whom have known each other for literally most of a decade at this point.

So the idea was to make a separate channel for shitposting. A separate channel for anime (by far the most dominant subject of conversation among the dozen of us that "owned" the server), a separate channel for other topics that were niche among the few of us that were drowned out by general conversation. The idea was to make a light, conversational, welcoming "general" chat for the new people that roamed in off the Steam group and push ALL of our fringe crap into separate locations for us "regulars." To this day, I still fail to see why this was an issue aside from the fact that it was perceived as a slight among the regulars (namely kenzo and cross), that felt like they were being pushed aside to make room for the mythical beast that has become the Geekbox Community.

So regardless of perception, this reform was well-intentioned yet completely derailed by two stubborn people. I've been willing to listen to all criticism about it when it wasn't in the form of Cross purposefully being obtuse and bastardizing the intent of it in order to push his agenda (not to mention him abusing his mod power on the first day of this to delete the channels), or kenzo staging a one man sit-in on the general chat. Jenn has said she doesn't like chat separation. Some other people have said they aren't opposed to it, but leaning on the side of against separate chats. There's no reason it couldn't have at least had a good faith trial run, but that has yet to happen.
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