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comicbook websites

Postby laughingcao » Apr 8th, 2009 @ 5:34pm

I've been wondering what are some good comic websites to find out more info on comics? maybe reviews, release dates etc. Thanks!

p.s. a CRIMINAL is awesome.
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Re: comicbook websites

Postby LTSmash » Apr 9th, 2009 @ 5:44am

Comic Geek Speak - a comic book podcast and a great
ComicBookDB - basically it's imdb for comics. Very useful for
tracking down info on individual issues
Wikipedia - OK, not a comic book website, but it's great for
those "what character is that?" moments
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Re: comicbook websites

Postby schizogony » Apr 9th, 2009 @ 6:01am

iFanboy - I'm really only into their podcast (as it's one of the most popular comics 'casts on the web). Every week one of them picks a comic of the week and they discuss the story, art, etc. They've also got a great community where you can read reviews and stay up-to-date on releases and whatnot. Active forums too.

Marvel Digital Comics - Not really about comics but rather *is* comics. It's a flawed but cheap service where you can have monthly access to something like 5,000 or more Marvel titles ranging from the 1930s to now.

Drawbacks are the fact that not EVERY SINGLE issue of a series is available (for example, they'll have Amazing Spider-Man #521, 522 then it'll skip to something like 535, 536, 539, etc.). Most people think Marvel does this so you buy the trade paperbacks, which makes sense but sucks. Also, the newest comics are always about six months old. You're not getting what's on shelves now.

I haven't been into comics much since the early 90s so this service has worked out nicely for me to do a lot of catching up. I do the $10/month thing for just a single month and I do this every now and then (maybe twice a year). You can also drop $50 for a whole year if you're loaded.

They've got a nice collection of free samples so you can try before you buy: http://marvel.com/digitalcomics/free/
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Re: comicbook websites

Postby exwingzero » Apr 9th, 2009 @ 4:57pm

I like [url]Comicvine.com[/url] but it's mostly covers, and creative team on the book, no synopsis on most of the books.
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Re: comicbook websites

Postby FigNewton » Apr 9th, 2009 @ 5:44pm

I typically rely on Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, and a smattering of forums like Millarworld (sorry Ryan), Bendis' Boards, and the Comic Bloc forums.
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