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Postby Master Higgins » Mar 19th, 2014 @ 11:47am


Hello, and welcome to The Geekbox!

That's what we've been saying to our podcast's listeners every single week, for five years, across (at this point) nearly 300 episodes. And we're still here! And now we totally want to take your money -- in return for more awesome (and free) content, of course.

In case you don't know who the heck we are: The Geekbox is one of the most popular geek culture podcasts on iTunes, starring a panel of professional nerds who discuss the latest happenings in video games, film, television, comic books, and all kinds of other stuff -- and then put it out for you to listen to every Wednesday morning. We come from a pretty nerdy background, too; The Geekbox is one of the heirs to the podcasting golden age of dearly departed gaming super-site 1UP.com, and chaired by some of the same awesome editors who you remember from those good ol' days. Also, we record in a really cool comic shop.


Since day one, Geekbox founder Ryan Scott -- former executive editor for 1UP.com and IGN Entertainment, and current editorial gun-for-hire -- has been joined by comic retail professional Ryan Higgins, along with an evolving lineup of co-hosts. Our current team consists of GameSpot news director Justin Haywald and video game localization pro Adam Fitch. And we sometimes get some awesome guests on; our past guests have included folks like IGN super-editor Greg Miller (who knows a lot of stuff about chicken wings), and Supergiant Games creative director Greg Kasavin (who was part of the team that made the excellent Xbox Live hit Bastion). So, hey, you can probably assume we know what we're talking about (most of the time, anyway).

All joking aside: The reality of podcasting is that it's a really hard format to monetize with traditional avenues like ads, because even the big ones are small potatoes compared to giant websites, television shows, Super Bowls, and what have you -- so instead, we're going directly to the people who think we're worth keeping around. We're here on Patreon to ask for your support, so that we can keep bringing you quality content every single week. And heck, we'd even like to expand our operations a bit, and start producing regular YouTube videos and Twitch gaming livestreams. Hopefully we'll get there. It all comes down to how much you guys think we're worth!

To that end, we've kept our reward tiers pretty simple; you give us a bit of funding, and we'll give you a bit of cast interaction and input on certain things. And hey, if paying per weekly episode sounds like too much, don't forget that you can always cap your monthly pledge (so, for example, you might kick in $2 per episode, but only for the first three episodes of each month). Honestly, every bit helps. Let's take this thing totally indie and make the coolest dork empire ever (or, you know, at least the seventh or eighth coolest)!

$0.25 +Patron-only Q&A stream access

We're keeping this simple: Everyone who pledges the bare-minimum of $0.25 per episode receives access to a patrons-only feed, where you can ask us questions -- and we'll devote a special Q&A section of The Geekbox to answering our favorite patron questions, every week. As an added bonus, you can rest easy knowing that you've helped us enforce a nice bit of extra structure on the show!

$2 +Bonus content: The Eatbox

Every week, we're usually casually jabbering about this-or-that while we eat our pizza and prepare to record. If you pledge $2 or more, you'll get access to bit of this bonus content a couple of times per month. Note that this won't be every week, since we don't want you hearing us breaking crazy video game embargoes or being secret jerks. But it will get you a bit of behind-the-scenes bonus content! Plus, you get access to our patron-only stream as outlined above.

$5 +Monthly Google Hangout

At $5 per episode, you will be invited to join a special one-hour Google Hangout on the first Sunday of every month (12:00 PM, U.S. Pacific Time), with Geekbox founder Ryan Scott and whichever surprise co-hosts he ropes in for the hour. We'll chat about whatever nerdy stuff you'd like to talk about. It's basically your own private, interactive monthly episode, with video so we can make awkward faces at you. Plus all previous rewards!

$25 +Executive Producer credit

If -- for some crazy reason -- you would like to give us $25 per episode, we will personally thank you on each and every show we publish, and credit you as an Executive Producer on The Geekbox. This is an actual, legitimate credit that you can put on your resume, and that we will corroborate, since you are actively helping to fund the show in a very big way. Plus all previous rewards!
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Postby CrossXhunteR » Mar 19th, 2014 @ 4:39pm

Ryan Scott literally only owns earthtones.
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Postby kevinep3 » Mar 27th, 2014 @ 9:38am

So if I do the $5 can you guys just come on mumble for an hour instead
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Postby kenzo » Mar 27th, 2014 @ 12:12pm

kevinep3 wrote:So if I do the $5 can you guys just come on mumble for an hour instead
Probably not since I'm guessing it'll be a communal thing and not just one-on-one with you Kevin.
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Postby kevinep3 » Mar 27th, 2014 @ 2:29pm

kenzo wrote:
kevinep3 wrote:So if I do the $5 can you guys just come on mumble for an hour instead
Probably not since I'm guessing it'll be a communal thing and not just one-on-one with you Kevin.

I mean as a communal thing fool, like just some hour they can hop on mumble for anyone.
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