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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Konanda » Apr 22nd, 2009 @ 11:22pm

CasualPidgeon wrote:
Konanda wrote:Many giant blue beings suddenly appear and start smashing everything on the island. A red spec of light appears and transforms into a high school boy who says "I guess she's bored with this world." The screen wipes to an image of the island and zooms in on a high school girl overtop her college shouting "Kyon! Wake up Kyon." He replies with, "Haruhi where are we?" Thinking to himself “why me?”

Now I don’t really expect anyone to get this one except maybe Fitch assuming he follows new/popular anime.

Nice. Cept i find Haruhi a bit more surrealist than Lost.

From the small amount of Lost I have watched (a few episodes from Seasons 1,2,3 that I happened to catch randomly) I would have to agree with you and while it's quite likely if that did occur it would be way too meta and out there for the majority of people to understand and would probably further alienate their viewers. Although it would be pretty cool plus who doesn't want to see the characters of Lost doing the Haruhi dance as the ending to the last episode.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby tseudo » Apr 23rd, 2009 @ 3:55pm

Agaysquirrelsshlong wrote:The four toed statue is of Isis, the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus(the Egyptian Jesus). When Horus was a baby his mother took him to a magical hidden island to protect him from his uncle seth, who had murdered his father. The island is protected by Anubis, the Egyptian god of judgment and the underworld(his hieroglyph was on the wall, calling the monster, when Ben was judged). And the cherry on top. Horus was crippled as a boy then miraculously healed, died and rose again after 3 days, and had a line/scar under his right eye(image search the eye of Horus and you will see). Last week when Jack was cleaning the class room there was a time line of ancient Egypt. Long story short, John is Horus reincarnated and is here to save everyone. I think Richard might be an ancient Egyptian left to protect the island

That's actually pretty awesome. Not quite as awesome as your username though.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby The X-Files » Apr 24th, 2009 @ 6:51am

In the end, Lost turn out to be a TV series.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby heart-attack » Apr 24th, 2009 @ 9:21pm

Miles tells Jack about Hurley's plan to write "return of the jedi.” Hurley and Jack get into an argument about how bad of idea it was. Hurley says "hey man everyone needs a dream" and then runs into the forest
In the forest, he sees something fall out of the sky. Upon impact he hears something that sounds like a bat hitting a frozen turkey, then a grunt.
Hurley moves in to investigate and sees a stage light on the ground with fresh blood on it. Upon further investigation, trips over an unconscious camera man dressed in a ghillie suit.


*sorry but my photoshop kungfu isnt very good. I was going for a revamped "the truman show" movie poster. 100 words exactly though :mrgreen:
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Lombaszko » Apr 30th, 2009 @ 4:00am

After seeing The Variable last night I have come up with a theory.

Penny and Desmond are in the hospital. The nurse that is watching young Charlie is actually an Other and she kidnaps him. That's why adult Charles Widmore is there, to make sure he gets kidnapped. So Penny has to find Charlie and Desmond says he won't leave her and they go back to the island, but somehow when time jumping to the island Penny, Desmond, and Charlie get send back to the 1940's. Penny and Desmond start to get the nose bleed sickness, they go in the cave to die and become the skeletons and Charlie gets raised by the Others.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby geronimo » Apr 30th, 2009 @ 5:38am

I was definitely on the right path with my last theory. :D
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby darfox8 » May 3rd, 2009 @ 1:43pm

The island is where all the failed attempts to speed run games go.

PS- Has this contest finished already. They haven't read submissions in a while.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby kenzo » May 16th, 2009 @ 5:13am

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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby ZombieArmy » May 17th, 2009 @ 7:49pm

Cartman86 wrote:Boom! It seems my "Locke is actually still dead" thing was right!

After seeing the finale my new theory is that the guy in the beginning who wanted to kill Jacob IS the Smoke Monster. It can take shape, but can't kill anyone.

Didn't Smokey kill Eko pretty violently?
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby occamsindecision » May 19th, 2009 @ 3:25am

ZombieArmy wrote:
Cartman86 wrote:Boom! It seems my "Locke is actually still dead" thing was right!

After seeing the finale my new theory is that the guy in the beginning who wanted to kill Jacob IS the Smoke Monster. It can take shape, but can't kill anyone.

Didn't Smokey kill Eko pretty violently?

Maybe he/it can only kill humans.

What exactly IS Jacob?

Is the island some sort of retreat for gods that are no longer worshipped? Did they choose to leave humanity alone, only to have Jacob insist on bringing us back to the island to prove that we are not as evil or corruptible as Smokey believes?

I love the idea of Jacob's enemy, Smokey and the current 'John Locke' being one in the same. It explains so much, like why Smokey never showed up when John was insisting that Ben call it, only to show up when John had left to find something to pull Ben up with, then disappear just before John returned.

Why did Jacob so rudely say "What about you?" to Ben? Did he WANT Ben to kill him? Or did he think less of him after Richard saved him as a child, causing him to lose his innocence?

And to add to the black/white thing... I seem to remember older episode when Ben confronts Charles in his suite and states that he will kill Charles' daughter. Wasn't Ben wearing black and Charles wearing white?

That reminds me, why can't Ben kill Charles? Is this in any way related to why Smokey can't kill Jacob himself?

I want to know more about these 'rules' they keep mentioning. How do they know these rules? How and by what are these rules enforced?

I'll stop now.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby kiwikraze565 » Jun 1st, 2009 @ 3:29pm

Ok, I've never watched an episode of lost in my life, but from listening to you I got this.

The statue turns into a magic robot that turns everyone into ninjabunnies. They then travel into the WoW universe where the pwn everyone. They get shoved into the ocean where they freak out the "big daddy" from Bioshock. Big Daddy kicks them back to the island where time has been reversed, and the smoke monster is judging the Al Capone trial. The ninja bunnies then pick up a spare windwaker and blow everyone into the ocean before being pwned by their future selves. They are then sent into the underworld where they are forced to watch Never Gonna Give You Up- by Rick Astley.

That's my version of the ending, and heres a link to an animation I made of it (watch it, its really good):

Ohh!!! rick rolld nubz!
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby R4ND0M » Jun 2nd, 2009 @ 11:40pm

The Island is Heaven, Jacob is God, Smoke monster judges whether you are permitted to enter heaven, fake locke is the devil, Richard is Jesus, The others are Jesus' followers,

@ kiwikraze565, that wasnt even funny GTFO

I dno im making up crap, but Lost has messed with timetravel so the people that are coming, could totally end up being aliens.


Could it be that the Air France plane that was lost during an *electrical storm* landed on THE ISLAND!, J.J. Abrams has something in store, me thinks


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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Thwip » Jun 11th, 2009 @ 7:18pm

Ok smoke monster was the spirit of black shirt guy(Esau or whatever) and he now inhabits Locke thanks to that compass being passed around(maybe). Now that Jacob is dead, a new white smoke monster will show up and will inhabit Jack. The end of the series will end just as the season 5 finale began. However it will be Jack and Locke sitting on the beach having the exact same, or similar conversation. However it will be many years into the future and there will possibly be some futuristic-looking landmark instead of the statue.
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