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Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Rydog » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 12:34am

As detailed in this week's podcast, please submit your theory on just WTF is going on in Lost, in 100 words or less. Only theories in this thread will be considered!
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby KindGalaxy » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 12:40am

Finale: Camera zooms out from the island, revealing it to be the only landmass on Earth, camera further zooms, solar system, galaxy, universe, continues zooming, it broadens out to a little girl's eye, the entire TV show was from a little girl's imagination, the camera further broadens to reveal the little girl's face, continues to pan out to reveal the little girl being dragged into a van by a clown. That's my Lost theory for the island.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Kajaah117 » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 1:36am

...Vincent.... I rest my case.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Lombaszko » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 5:13am

We see Locke walking through the jungle, moving closer to Jacob’s cabin. He enters, there is a faint light coming from an open doorway. Locke enters the room and sees the silhouette of a man behind a curtain. Locke slowly pulls the curtain back to reveal a showering Patrick Duffy. LOST
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Klendathu » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 7:25am

The island came from the future with people avoiding their extinction. But they left the island, contaminating the timeline. Due to causality, this leads to their their future doom. Dharma discovered the island and tried to alter time to their benefit. The 'Others' protect the original cycle and their future ancestors; preserving their safe place for the day time ends again. A third group of people (Desmond, Farady, Oceanic 6, etc) tries anything to save loved ones ultimately randomizing the loop beyond the control of any single person. Final scene: grieving Jack restarts the loop, scattering time. Lost.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby czartim » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 9:10am

On the final episode, the surviving characters find "The Kaufman," a movie theater station. There, they watch every episode of "Lost." Afterward, they ask the first question of the entire series, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

The whole thing was a reality show. Every time something bad happened, it was the result of an online poll. Every time someone died, it was because the ratings slipped.

Evey person on Earth was in on it, and when the Oceanic 6 came back, everyone was instructed to "play along."

David Copperfield then explains how he made the island disappear. The players then get 100 grand and are sent home.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Valke » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 9:11am

Richard Alpert is in reality the embodiment of the Egyptian god RA, who was later merged with the god "Horus" to become commander of the sky, sun, and underworld. That statue seen in the show may be Set, who was said to be the protector of Ra. The Island is the floating island of legend Chemmis, set adrift by Isis to protect her son Horus. The rise of new beliefs caused worship of Ra to die out. All the new people on the island could be looked at as such, which is why Richard is looking to Locke to lead.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Dr Mrs The Monarch » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 9:27am

The island is actually not an island at all, it's the shell of a giant magic turtle that swims around the ocean causing mischief and mayhem for anyone who gets on it's back. And all that crazy stuff that happened, time travel, smoke monster, crazy big foot, happened because the turtle is magic, and anything can happen cause of magic! Well, expect the polar bear, that was actually the turtles friend from high school. He likes to tag along with him on his wacky adventures.

the end
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby IUMogg » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 12:35pm

Lost is about the threat of technology/science corrupting the island. Jacob was created by the incident, which changed him to his unphased state. That is why he hates technology. Jacob sees world ending consequences if science/technology is allowed to exploit the island. It led to the others purging dharma. Science caused problems in the time of the 4 toed statute which resulted in the smoke monster being created, but the science wasn’t advanced so it only effected the island. Jack couldn’t help until he changed from a man of science to a man of faith. Jughead is a technological threat.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby exwingzero » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 12:56pm

You find out that what's been going on the entire time is someone trying to cope with the fact that they are dieing after their plane crashed in Season 1. Everything connecting, not making sense, making sense; it's all this one person's imagination trying to put together the fact that they were extremely traumatized and their mind (going a million miles a second) is trying to cope with it. That's my theory.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby graboids » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 1:27pm

A man and his nephew use a time machine (this time with the proper crystals) to try and time travel back to the "glory days" of hot tubbing in the early 80s and at the same time cause a plane to crash on an island in the present day 2004. They miscalculate and end up in the late 60s early 70s, where Uncle Rico changes his name to Linus, and then fathers a son named Ben. Nephew Kip joins the Others and becomes known as the mysterious "Jacob". Eventually Kip/Jacob leads everyone to a gigantic football, they all get inside and then Uncle Rico delivers them back safely to the main land by throwing said football over "them mountains". Then Pedro builds him a cake or something. LOST.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby barrbarr » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 3:07pm

The Island was created the Daleks, who in an attempt to understand The Doctors ability to travel through time created The Island. However the Daleks unable to control The Islands time travelling capabilities eventually gave up on this Idea and decided to go and EXTERMINATE all life. All Daleks left, except for one whose boosters failed, this Dalek eventually turned into the smoke monster. The reason why all the people are on the island is because The Master bored from hiding from the doctor decided to fuck with some puny humans. The show will end with this

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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Anthony_Galindo » Mar 25th, 2009 @ 6:06pm

The last scene of the series finale will begin with the Jacob explaining all of the island's mysteries to Locke. Right as he beings to open his mouth to speak the show cuts to a hidden camera shot of someone sitting on their couch. The camera slowly zooms in and we see that the person is watching the picture of themselves on the television. After realizing that they are being watched the person looks around to see where the hidden camera is. He stands up, looks at the camera and we see that we have been watching Ryan Scott, his face encrusted with Cheeto dust, sitting in his underwear watching the finale of Lost. He manages a quick "What the Hell?" before the video ends abruptly and the credits begin to roll (and of course it has the dramatic music cue that Lost always seems to end on).
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby occamsindecision » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 3:09am

Ben is the antichrist. I'm still debating (with myself) whether the island is the Garden of Eden, or some sort of, well, like a lid on a trap keeping Satan(whatever that is) contained.

Or(this just popped in my head as I was typing). Maybe dark matter or whatever the energy source is was discovered, used and led to the downfall of civilization in the future, causing someone to go back in time and hide all of the dark matter so that humanity couldn't discover and use it to destroy themselves. Yeah, that's lame.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Sokkratez » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 3:10am

Unfortunately, the true explanation and ending to Lost died along with Travis the chimpanzee.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Primordial » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 10:09am

At the end you see a boy in his bed and his father standing by him. The boy asks his father to tell him a made up story and Lost is the best crap the father could come up with. Not only that but the father realises the boy had fallen asleep after the first chapter.
I don't watch Lost.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Karen » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 11:28am

muffincrumbs wrote:Jack dreamt it all one night and gets ready to work as J. J. Abrams assistant. Jack tries to pitch his dream to Abrams and the other creators, where they tell him that is the stupidest story they have ever heard.

How very Charlie Kauffman-esque!

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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby AlmightyTooth » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 11:33am

Hurley wakes up and finds Patrick Duffy in his shower.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby czartim » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 12:14pm

muffincrumbs wrote:Jack dreamt it all one night and gets ready to work as J. J. Abrams assistant. Jack tries to pitch his dream to Abrams and the other creators, where they tell him that is the stupidest story they have ever heard.

"No, I don't see it as a series. Maybe a movie?"
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby James-Kond » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 1:07pm

occamsindecision wrote:Ben is the antichrist. I'm still debating (with myself) whether the island is the Garden of Eden, or some sort of, well, like a lid on a trap keeping Satan(whatever that is) contained.

The Antichrist can´t die
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby PandaEskimo » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 2:44pm

My Crazy Lost Theory,

The island is the location of the first temple created in honor of the Spirit of Nature and his current hiding place. This god, who represents the unknown, has limited control over the natural elements including animals (and their thoughts), plants, the planetary formation, and some control of time. Lost is the story of mans battle with the unknown (nature) and the Spirit of Nature's last stand as he tried to hold off man.

In early human history, the Spirit of Nature was worshiped and his power was strong. As man becomes more technologically advanced and builds cities across the earth, the Spirit of Nature loses it's power. After the Spirit of Nature began to grow weak with man's primitive advances, he decided to retreat to the area where he was strongest. He broke this section of ground apart (the island) and focused his energy here. Because his energy was focused on only a small portion of earth, his control of time and other powers was strong even when man built cities, took control of space travel, etc.

The Dharma initiative was man's last remaining attempt to take power from the Spirit of Nature. With his destruction, all things unknown would be forgotten and rationality and civilization could prosper. The Dharma initiative would do this by their buildings and inhabiting the most remote and hard to reach creveses where the Spirit of Nature hid. The mine on the island and the cave where we see the Smoke Monster lives are the spirits hiding place. The Smoke Monster is the last bit of power the Spirit of Nature has and is the most focused of his energy. His other powers include creating allusions and focusing his enegy to twist time.

The survivors represent those the Spirit has chosen who are distraught with society and who he thinks can help him. In the beginning, they showed some resistance, but by showing them during their return to society that they are unwelcome there, they are now fully on his side. He hopes to use them to crush this attack on the island so that he can return to hiding.

The story ends when the Spirit of Nature is conquered, leaving humanity hurt by his absence. In this moment those who caused his destruction learn what they have done, but it is too late.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Clint » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 2:54pm

It'll end just like Enterprise, with Riker and Troy on the holodeck.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Thwip » Mar 26th, 2009 @ 7:40pm

Around season 2 or 3 I believe the writers said that Lost is actually a love story about two characters we haven't met yet (at that time). My theory is that Jacob is using the island's ability to manipulate time and the the people there to go back to a time (past or future, who knows) to get back to a lost love who either died or left him for some mistake he made to ruin the relationship.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby KaL » Mar 27th, 2009 @ 7:17am

The screen will fade to black, getting darker and darker.
Strange music will start to play and then the words "LOST" will appear creating a dramatic effect.

Before that can get anywhere however, the TV station will interrupt the end the show by prematurely initiating commercials.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Valke » Mar 28th, 2009 @ 8:49am

makeway wrote:
Valke wrote:Richard Alpert is in reality the embodiment of the Egyptian god RA ...

Not only is Valke's theory mostly correct as far as I'm concerned ... but it also explains why Alpert (an Egyptian name) sports the guy-liner.

Although, I think the island is also the "Underworld," and the statue is of Anubis whose duty is to protect the dead and bring them to the afterlife. This explains why dead people appear to be living on the island. Why new life can't be conceived on the island. And why Miles Straume, one of the few who probably was born on the island (not conceived) has such a strong connection to the dead. Claire's son probably will as well.

"Lost" is about the land of the dead. The Underworld.

And BTW, I've also heard the smoke-monster is called CERBERUS on the blast-door, the three-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades.

Hades is the Greeks' version of the Underworld.

You also make some very good points, especially about the smoke monster/Cerberus, which I do not know why I had not thought of before. However, I've also figured that the island being some form of the underworld/all the "survivors" being dead idea to be too obvious to be the big reveal. I hope we are not all giving them too much credit.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Valke » Mar 28th, 2009 @ 2:55pm

SuPoohero wrote:In 100 words...
The island is the reality of all the myths we've heard of. Atlantis, Mu, Egyptians advanced abilities, etc. The purpose of the show is to avoid the end of the world on 2012. The Mayans predicted it, and the Egyptians are in charge of avoiding it.

The Theory of the island being Mu also could be called into this argument. Most popular theory on Atlantis has Egyptians being their descendants, although many think Atlantis to have existed in the Atlantic ocean. Whereas Mu was thought to have existed in the Pacific, although its descendants are popularly believed to have fled to China and Central America.

But again I still wonder, are we thinking way too far into this? Do the producers want there to be this much debate while they are just pulling the wool over our eyes?
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby josh » Mar 28th, 2009 @ 7:05pm

Second Life
josh :)
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Magitek85 » Mar 30th, 2009 @ 5:27am

Everyone begins dying one after another. Hurley is flipping out as he watches everybody just drop. As the line comes to him, he jumps out of bed screaming. It was all just a dream! Oh man. Hurley breathes a sigh of relief, then goes to get a hot pocket.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby Tandor » Mar 31st, 2009 @ 8:51am

Oceanic Flight 815 was abducted by aliens, and the Island is just a mind control mass hallucination by the aliens so the anal probing can go smoothly. The Others are from previous abductions.
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Re: Best Lost Theories contest

Postby FaderCreep » Mar 31st, 2009 @ 3:43pm

Am I too late? It took a while. Anyway here it is.
(Edit: Seriously, I feel like *I'VE* TIME TRAVELLED. My evening has literally dissappeared whilst pondering and writing down thoughts on Lost)

Lost. WTF?
In a nutshell (AKA MY ENTRY):

Time travel answers everything. Broken down into 100 words?
Its just an island that posesses weird magnetic shifts that allowed the DI to play with time travel. Before that was some crazy native/egyptian mythology stuff, building statues and temples etc (we will see this soon, or have it explained), then came the Dharama 'VS The Hostiles', then crashed our Losties ('VS The Others'), who then played a part in all 3 stages of the Islands state (past, present, future) and their own lives.

Who wins; Ben or Widmore? Neither. Both seem evil. A coallition of Locke, Jacob, The Island, Richard and the others, win out in the end.
(Exactly 100 words, booyah)

Out of the Nutshell Answer
AKA The main deal with Lost is!

Broken down into its pureset form, the show is simply about a group of people experiencing this island, its timeline, and their resulting character development. There is no big 'its really Hades' 'they're all dead', reveal. Because there is no reveal that explains everything (and because it would be lame).

It is many many strings of cause and effect, that is the point of the show.
Past, Present and Future. Cause and Effect. Action, Consequence, Redemption.
All this other stuff is fun fodder and references to the writers favourite works.

They are not just these shipwrecked passengers on this crazy island in the middle of a lot of weird goings ons, they are actually part of that crazy islands cause and effect, in some cases directly causing the craziness they 'suffered' or experienced in the future. We are now seeing the relationship between what they did in the past, that had a direct effect on the future (what is our own past with the show, season 1,2,3,4) Everything you've seen up to this point, the crazy coincidences, the unexplainable knowledge, is now going to unravel before our eyes as we move back through time and see all the wheels being set in motion that caused all of the events of the last few seasons. Most of those episodes preceding can be written off as filler and enjoyable twists and side-plots. The ride.

These 2 seasons are now the real deal, laying the rides tracks. Why did the weird happenings and coincidences take place, and how the whole story fits together, everything we have seen is a direct result of what we are about to (and are currently) seeing.

Here's some key points on what is yet to come.
    Faraday detonates 'Jughead' (Bomb he tells his mother, Elli, to bury) / or sabotages the orchid in its construction. Some way he releases the massive build up of energy behind the concrete. Causes 'The Incident'.

    Eloise Hawking, Faraday's mother, is Elli, the teen who holds him at gunpoint near Jughead, he tells her to bury it. Thus the relationship between Eloise and Widmore, both on Island at same time, and why Widmore funds Faradays research into time travel.

    We have even further into the past to delve into, We will see the black rock and the four toed statue complete (the mythological era of the island, the far past), which will turn out to be one of our time-travelling losties who either already has 4 toes (hasnt seen the statue yet), or loses one soon. Who sometime will travel back in time, before the statue, to shock and leave the ORIGINAL island natives in such awe that they build a mega-sized statue in this travelers 'memory'.

    Or, the statue is Richard, the guy never ages and the statue is holding a symbol of eternal life. He was probably around back in the mythological days of the island. He's THAT old. A few episodes later he's gonna kick his sandles off and Lockes going to say. Richard, you've only got 4 toes? BONG. Lost.

    JACOB is one of our time travelers, possibly someone who gets stuck further back in time, which is why he knows not only a lot about the island, but a lot about the Losties. He's existing in some sort of permanent temporal time-slip, explaining his invisibility, dissappearing and reappearing cabin (that Horace built in the 70s), and the ashen circle surrounding his dwelling. Candidates : Jack, Locke, Faraday, Desmond.

    Faraday - when faraday detonates jughead or otherwise releases the energies behind the concrete walls (as in ep1 of season5), he is caught in the incident himself in a Dr Manhattan esque alteration which leaves him in a temporal bind forever, or untill freed. Jacob asks Locke 'Help Me' when they first meet. Could Eloise Hawkings obsession with time, windows and the island be in an attempt to learn, understand and set free her son. Jacob.

I'd rather they took that route then the kind of obvious, oh its Locke/Jack.

There's tons more and I could go on all day but nobody will read it so i'll end there, maybe i'll do a blog post. I left out all the supporting materials or it'd have gone on forever.
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