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The rules are simple. Please follow them, and we should all get along just fine!

1. Don't be an annoying jackass. That means treat others with respect, no personal attacks, no sexual harassment, no deliberate trolling, etc. etc. I have enough faith that I don't feel the need to spell this out further.

2. Don't talk about illegal stuff. More specifically, don't talk about pirating movies/software/whatever, and don't talk about where to get pirated stuff. You can certainly talk about the evils of piracy, but please don't engage in discussions that glorify it.

3. Display some self-control with regard to topics that could result in pointless drama. By this, I'm specifically thinking of the "Other Geekery" forum -- and, more specifically, topics about touchy stuff like politics and religion. If it's a real-world issue that naturally turns the "rationally minded human being who knows when to back off during a stupid and heated debate that's actually impossible to 'win' if you stop and think about it for just one damn second" switch in our heads off, it's probably best to avoid it. I don't want this forum to become a cesspool of stupid arguments.

4. No redundant topics. If a thread already exists on a specific subject, post in that thread instead of creating a new one. Doing otherwise just fragments the discussion, and everybody loses.

5. Don't go image-crazy. Unless it's for a contest we're sponsoring or something, please don't display a bunch of images in your posts, because hey, this isn't Geocities and that's really goddamn annoying. Images aren't banned; just use some common sense.

6. Mark spoilers in your posts, and in the thread title when possible. Especially if you're having an open-ended discussion about, say, a particular new game or movie. It's probably safe to assume that threads about specific TV show episodes are always going to contain spoilers.

7. To that point, if you're making a thread about a specific TV show episode, spell out the episode title, along with the air date and/or episode number in the thread title. That way, it's your own stupid fault when you click on the thread and read a spoiler.

8. If you have any problems, please PM a Geekbox staff member or moderator. Those would be the guys with purple names and green names, respectively. If it's some sort of emergency that requires immediate attention, or you cannot post to the forums for some reason, send an e-mail to forums AT geekbox DOT net (unlinked to deter webspiders -- I'm sure you can figure out how to format it for proper delivery). Please do not use this address for general feedback purposes; it is intended specifically for emergencies.
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